Club 94
the tube

The Tube

Interior decoration of the famous electro nightclub and bar The Tube. Two rooms were reconstructed, one was designed to resemble a jail cell, and the other was decorated as a pin-up room. The bar was made out of repurposed wooden crates, and the walls are covered with movie posters and decorated with custom drawings. Graffiti style murals preserved club’s intention to remain an underground place, but also made it more modern and art oriented.

Anboliblow crew




Wall painting for the VIP and relax room in Microsoft development center in Belgrade. Murals are inspired by ethnic motives. One painting presents connection between tradition and technology. National ethno elements, architecture and a girl in folkloric clothing are shown as a part of a modern time. The other mural is a panorama of a city made to look fantastic and minimalistic, decorated with ethnic patterns.



Creation of visual identity for coffee shops Kafeterija in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Every Kafeteria,in different location, has its own chalk mural paintings. Each mural represents specific elements of the coffee shop’s location and its unique offer.

Kafeterija Banovo Brdo

D bar

Mural painting for a well known bar in a center of Belgrade. The painting represents a character of a jealous queen as a playing card. Mural is an acrylic painting on bricks.

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